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I'm in the UK, trying to apply to the Bel-Rea Institute in Colorado. I'm having trouble with the financial aid side of things; the only loan I seem to be able to find that I can apply for is Sallie Mae, but I've heard they're very unforgiving if you apply even slightly wrong, and since I have to do the paper application rather than online (no SSN means difficulties), I may make mistakes, cos I don't know what I'm doing. The college themselves are being rather obtuse about what I can do for financial aid. The person I'm talking to kept saying about my green card, even after I tried to clarify that I'm going to need an F-1 visa. Still kept saying about a green card. Took almost a week to get her to understand I don't have one. And even then she hasn't answered me about financial aid other than loans. Also, she knows we don't have much time for the deadlines, yet she keeps springing stuff on me when it's almost too late to do anything about it, like the Wonderlic test, which means I have to find a local teacher right in the middle of spring bank holidays. If this had been mentioned to me even a week ago, it wouldn't be such a problem.

Does anyone have any advice for someone who's rapidly approaching "too late"? Any advice about UK to US visas, financial aid options, other loan companies, anything about Sallie Mae...? If it takes too long to get a student visa after I'm accepted, can I get a provisional visa to go over until all the paperwork is done, so I don't miss any classes?

I'm kinda stuck, and panicking, so thanks in advance.
So I wasn't able to find an immigration officer when I arrived in Newcastle two weeks ago, and if I want to get a job (which I need to, if I want any sort of spending money...) I need to get out of the UK and back in, preferably without spending huge amounts of money. If I take the ferry from Tynemouth to, say, Amsterdam or Norway, will I go through some sort of immigration? Can I take an international train? Would I go through an immigration point? Has anyone done this sort of thing before?

Got any leads on a cheap trip out of the UK and back?

Please and thank you!

the dreaded application forms

i've been trying to fill in the various application forms needed to apply for US universities and i've got into a few problems, and i wondered if anyone could help :)

1. how would you define high school for UK students? would it be year 10 to year 13 or year 7 to year 13 for UK students?
on the same topic, is it safe to assume 12th grade is year 13 for uk students and so on?

2. some of the universities i'm applying to require a recommendation from a humanities teacher and a science teacher, but some don't say. since i'm a science student (i'm taking all sciences and maths), i would rather give in 2 science teacher reccommendations for the universities that don't specify. but the common app only gives you two teacher reccommendation forms.
is it okay to include a third teacher reccommendation with the common app for this situation? D:

thanks so much :)

uk_nor_am_ac's Meet and Greet

Seeing as we have done this over at nor_am_uk_ac (and it was quite popular), I thought maybe we could do it here, help everyone know where everyone else is coming from and who you could approach for specific questions about specific universities in the area, that sort of thing *nods*

*looks around*

Uh, right, I guess I go first, LOL: Hullo everyone, my name is Li *waves* and I'll be entering my fourth year of my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. I'm currently doing a Joint Specialist degree in History & Political Science. As many of you know from the nor_am_uk_ac, I am looking at the UK to do my Masters degree, but I'm also looking around here at Canada, so if anyone in the UK is looking into doing a Master's degree here in Canada, we're pretty much on the same boat :) So yeah, if you guys have an questions about Canadian universities and/or UofT, I'm here to help out :)

*shushes up now as she sucks at intro posts*


Ahoy good people!

Welcome to uk_nor_am_ac ! This is the officially official sister site of nor_am_uk_ac  (I'm not good with snappy names, okay?). Before posting, please check out the rules on the profile. I would like for this community to follow the example of its "big sister" and be a friendly, helpful place to get information. Please use tags withe the full names of the university/school you are interested in, keyword to your post ("visa" tends to be popular at nor_am_uk_ac, as does "accomodation" and "study abroad"), etc. No flaming, no rivalries, etc. All that good stuff. You know the drill :)

And remember: North America is really big, so when you have a question about an area, be as specific as possible! There are a lot of schools, a lot of micro-climates, etc.

I hope this community helps people out as much as nor_am_uk_ac reportedly has.

Best Wishes,
Russia Moore